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Project:- Water storage tank base

Location - Gravesend

FEM Ltd fabricated a 5mm thick sectional water storage tank base with a diameter of 8 metres and a height of 4 metres. This involved the use of rolled and laser cut parts to manufacture the cone section.


Project:- Generator housing

Location - Off shore

FEM Ltd manufactured a generator housing that has been sent offshore to provide a back up system to oil rig services. The materials used were all S355J2 and the coating provided to meet the high specification of off shore regulations, all welds fully NDT tested.


Project:- Motor mounts

Location - Throughout the UK

FEM Ltd manufacture various sizes of motor mounts and pump bases to meet all of our customers requirements. Weld inspections, stress relieving and machining are also carried out on these parts.


Project:- Various machinery

Location - Worldwide

FEM Ltd manufacture specialist machines that are sent globally to help in the process of manufacturing mass production parts, the fabrication requires working to a very high tolerance level


Project:- Digital Campus

Location - Sheffield City Centre

FEM Ltd manufactured and installed the steelwork to the prestigious Digital Campus building in Sheffield City Centre. The steelwork was installed so that new fully lit signage could be erected. The works involved co-ordinating with the local authority and crane companies.

Digital Campus building in Sheffield City Centre

Project:- Fire training units

Location:- Fire Brigades throughout UK

FEM Ltd manufacture and install fire training units for various fire brigades throughout the country. The training aids are containers that are fabricated to be used for various purposes as fire demonstration, back draft training and fire fighting skills

Steel fire training unit

Project:- Various canopies

Location:- Throughout Sheffield

FEM Ltd have manufactured and installed various canopies throughout the region within local authority grounds. A full bespoke range of canopies is available upon request.

Bespoke canopy for Sheffiled School FEM : Fabrication Engineering Maintenance Ltd are able to manufacture just about anything in metal
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